Rafael is our Tai Chi teacher. His class is at 10:30 on Tuesdays, and you’ll usually see him attending the Qigong class on Thursdays. You’ll also see him in karate, for he’s picked up that passion in retirement from when he was a kid.

 Rafael is a retired art teacher and ballet dancer who also volunteers at the Wimberley radio station. He has lived quite the life and is a very interesting person to talk to. Tai Chi is all about energy, and so is he.



Julie is our Qigong teacher, and her class is at 1:30 on Thursdays. She is also a Dream and Transformational Life Coach. Through Practical Dream Magic - which includes dreamwork, energy practices like qigong and mindfulness, plus coaching techniques - Julie guides her clients and students in building resilience and resources. They do this by harmonizing and balancing the mature feminine energies of emotions, intuition, and creation with the mature masculine energies of structure, boundaries, and planning. From that, they bring their Big Gifts into the world with courage and compassion.

 Julie is also a popular teacher in the school, and people get exercise and balance from her classes as well as openings to things they hadn’t thought of but are affecting the experiences of their life. Check out juliebalderrama.com for more information.