Chayon Ryu (Natural Way Martial Arts) is designed for students of all ages.  We have a senior's karate class to meet the needs of the beginner senior student and beyond.  We find that with time, the senior student also wants to work with the younger students and adults.  The senior student has something to give to the younger student (wisdom, patience) and the younger student has something to give the senior (go at it, ease and fun).

Wimberley Karate Martial Arts

The senior student does do the whole curriculum and earns belts like anyone else.  Some modifications may come about, but the focus is that the student learns how to protect himself/herself and gains strength and flexibility in the process.  Different people accomplish this in different ways.

With the assistance of Sarah Geenberg, Gus Lumia will be working with the seniors.

In the words of Gus, "Sarah, Here is my view. I wrote it in the most direct way, as a 75 year old man who found it enjoyable to continue for the rest of my life.  It is all about staying as fit and independent as long as I can. It is called personal freedom. That is why I train in Karate.  

I want to share with you the comments of a person who made a resolution to get in shape and has trained in Chayon Ryu Karate for eight years and is working towards earning his black belt. Chayon Ryu is a great way to stay in shape and at the same time learn some life sustaining skills.  It is performed in  a group setting which makes it easier to continue than when a person trains alone.  Also, the marital art forms are learned and the different self defense techniques are taught in such a way that each student can see and feel the improvement in the overall level of fitness.  With it comes a sense of personal growth and inner piece that doing pushups or weight machines never are able to give. To me what makes Chayon Ryu an enjoyable way to stay fit it  is a form of moving meditation that is quite easily maintained if you are dedicated even after a short period."

The class is 12:00 on Tue and Thur.  The senior monthly price is $60 per month plus $40 for the uniform.  The price includes admission to any karate class we offer.