Wimberley Karate Chayon Ryu Martial Arts
Butterfly Days, April 18, 2015
Wimberley Karate Martial Arts Brick Break

Pics - Black Belt Rank Exam with Grandmaster Kim Soo, Chayon Ryu Beach Training, and Butterfly Days Demo

Who We are

We are a branch of the International Chayon Ryu Association founded by Grandmaster Kim Soo, Houston 1968.  We combine a variety of traditional martial art styles in our teachings.  For more information, visit www.kimsookarate.com.

Our Philosophy

Chayon Ryu means "Natural Way Martial Arts."  Natural body movements, build up the body instead of breaking it down.  We are unique in that we have Masters who have been training for 20-40 years who can still train without injury.  Maturity in the system means gaining the confidence to follow your beliefs and naturally becoming a leader.  This is truly a lifestyle martial art.


Our lead instructor is Sarah Geenberg.  She started training in Chayon Ryu in 1988 in a branch in Austin and is a third degree black belt.  For more information about her and the other teachers, go to the instructor bios.